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The first Probiotic supplement
for prediabetic people

About us

About Us


Specialized in research and development services to develop new solutions in the field of probiotics and other bioactive compounds with demonstrated properties for human health.

Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of human health by utilizing our talents and capabilities for probiotics and bioactive compounds research and development. Dietary supplement industries and food industry are our main partners. Our first goal is to leverage the central role of probiotics and the gut microbiota on the glycemic regulation in prediabetes. Our lead Project is a dietary supplement designed by using specific strains selected for its potential ability for long-term glycemic regulation that aims at offering a complementary strategy to people in early stages of diabetes.

Genbioma was founded in 2019 thanks to the industrial know-how derived from microorganisms obtained from probiotic animal feed research and the preclinical research on animal health, to deepen and improve the R&D on own probiotics for food applications in human health.

Genbioma works closely with partners to cover every research, development and market challenges. We have forged alliances and collaborative relationships with public and private partners, which include universities, industry, and world-renowned research centres.

Besides the scientific and industrial founder team, the company is integrated by a multi-skilled team involving private investors (Clave Capital), strategic partners from the pharmacy sector (CINFA) and animal health and nutrition (Pentabiol S.L.) and supported in a research agreement with the Centre for Nutrition Research - University of Navarra.

Behind GENBIOMA, stands a team of health experts deeply dedicated to do research and development on probiotic bacteria for food applications on human health. We are scientists from the fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and food technology.

Our aim on Consumer Health Care and our conviction that probiotics and bioactive compounds are the future of health benefit have brought us to the development of new food products on the market.

Our Company is an innovative biological technology platform for creating innovative products for specific human health targets. The core expertise is finding, designing and developing microorganisms and food applications for industrial and health-related purposes.

Through investment in R&D to develop probiotics & bioactive compounds and new solutions in the field of nutraceutical and functional food products focus on health Genbioma aims to become a reference in its market, with an international vocation. We are in close contact with our clients to design and adapt our products to their needs and specifications.
- Company founded in June
- First project focus on own probiotics R&D
- Clave Capital 1st financing round
- Strategic partnership with CINFA and with the Centre for Nutrition Research of University of Navarra
- First Genbioma EU patent of our strain collection

2020 - University of Navarra as a Shareholder




Univ. de Navarra

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Clave Capital

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B2B. Business to Business.

Different ways to partnership with the goal to cover your specific needs. We are a B2B provider for Dietary Supplements & Food Industry.
If you want to become one of our partners, please contact us.


(+34)633 674 251


Our product

Proven effectiveness of probiotics for glycemia regulation.
Genbioma develops its own probiotic supplements based on objective measurable criteria which are the result of research and/or trials on:

  • Our probiotic strains collection backed by scientific data
  • Scientifically documented and patented probiotic strains
  • Pre-clinical and clinical evaluation
  • Ready-to-go probiotic food supplement for regulating blood glucose level
  • Probiotics for the target population: prediabetic status and other related areas of use
  • Single-strain food product
  • Viability and stability probiotics over time and so as to guarantee an optimum food supplement
  • Probiotics for dietary supplements ready for the market
  • Intellectual property protection & Regulatory support

Prediabetes is defined as blood glucose levels above normal but below that of diabetes. The prevalence in the world exceeds 25%, who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and a higher chance of experiencing serious complications from COVID-19. Prediabetes is a global important public health problem. The number of prediabetic people may triple that of diabetics. Costs associated with this condition are almost USD 50 Bn in the US alone.
The scientific evidence has shown that the human gut microbiota has emerged as a key factor in the development of diabetes. The potential benefits of using probiotics for the regulation of hyperglycemia have been supported and might provide an important strategy to combat diabetes risk.
Our strains have promising potential to be developed as a valuable supplement in reducing specific markers of diabetes and is poised to have significant relevance in conditions of heightened blood glucose, such as early stages of diabetes.
Genbioma: aims to a reference in the Premium Probiotics market with this first probiotic supplement for long term regulation of normal blood glucose levels.



pA1c is the first Genbioma´s benchmark strain for pharma and nutrition brands. The innovation is based on scientific dossiers supporting its long-term blood sugar regulating effect and the potential interest for prediabetes and diabetes managment.

Safety evaluation:
  • - Strain included in QPS lists.
  • - Evaluated following the EFSA/WHO guidelines.
  • - Whole genome sequencing.

  • Industrial manufacturing:
  • - Bulk powder production.
  • - Natural, Allergen free, non-GMO.
  • - Vegetable-based ingredient in an registered food facility (applicable standards for GMP).

  • Evaluation of blood sugar-regulating effect:
  • - Caenorhabditis elegans (C.elegans) together with the gene expression analyses. C. elegans as an appropriate in vivo model for the study of the mechanisms underlying metabolic syndrome-related diseases, such as dysregulation of glycemia.
  • - Pre-clinical testing on blood sugar-regulating effect in different murine models.
  • - Vegetable-based ingredient in an registered food facility (applicable standards for GMP).

  • Further studies:
  • - Metagenomic and metabolomic studies.
  • - Mechanism of action and impact on microbiota.
  • - Human clinical trials: Center for Nutrition Research - University of Navarra. Scientific Research agreement. Evaluation of the effect on glycemic control, insulin resistance and the composition of the microbiota in prediabetic subjects*
  • - Stability: particularly resistant under accelerated stress conditions. Highly stable over time.
  • - International patent protected.
  • - Ready for Consumer Health market.
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    Reglubetic is a daily oral probiotic supplement on long-term glycaemic control in otherwise healthy hyperglycaemic people.
    The solution is a breakthrough in microbiome science based on pA1c strain and its ability to manage blood sugar levels. Modification of gut microbiota by probiotic supplementation may be a method for preventing and control hyperglycaemia.
    Our patented strain formulation cannot be found in any other probiotic on the market.

    Current Study: Contribute to furthering science advancement:
    Evaluation of the effect of Reglubetic on glycaemic control, insulin resistance and the composition of the microbiota in healthy hyperglycaemic adults. Research agreement with the Centre for Nutrition Research - University of Navarra.
    The only way that this can be tested for effectiveness is with the help of volunteers. Would you like to join our clinical trial?
    Eligibility Criteria:

  • - Men and Women.
  • - Age between 18 and 70 years.
  • - Prediabetes: Have a raised blood glucose level but below that of diabetes (100 - 125 mg/dl). If you are unsure, we can help.
  • - Overweight or obesity: Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 39.9 kg/m².

  • Please complete the Pre-Screening Questionnaire to help us determine your eligibility for the trial, indicating PREDIABETCARE.
    Click here
    Or send an email indicating PREDIABETCARE to voluntariosnut@unav.es


    Genbioma is a research platform for probiotic and bioactive compounds studies, focused on understanding its potential to improve or maintain health in target populations.

    The research includes the selection, identification, scale-up and production of our patented strain collection, in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical studies in animal models as well as clinical trials in humans, to evaluate food safety and health benefits of probiotics and other bioactive compounds for specific health purposes.

    Clinical trials (mainly nutritional intervention trials to prediabetic population) performed in collaboration with prestigious research centres to further develop and extend the clinical documentation and probiotic applications.
    The company has one patent pending approval to protect our company intellectual property.

    Support Funds

    We are very grateful for the support given by:

    Research Support funds


    Support Funds

    Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra
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